What we need to do to create change is to reconnect. To reconnect with the people around us, with the land around us.-Charles Eisenstein


© Raleigh Campbell Photography


Many of the challenges people, communities and the planet face right now are the direct result of a profound disconnection from nature, each other and themselves.

Within just a few generations we have transitioned from a predominantly outdoor-based culture, centered around farming and direct exposure to nature, to an indoor-based culture where “nature deficit disorder” prevails.

We know that we need people around the world to take urgent responsibility for our fragile earth. And we also know that when people are truly connected to nature, their inherent empathy, creativity and environmental responsibility can flourish.

NCMF believes that human and ecological resilience requires a cultural transformation towards deep nature connection.

But true nature connection, the kind that brings about deep and lasting positive change, requires expert mentoring within a powerful community of support.

Historically we have only seen this level of deep nature connection in traditional, subsistence-based communities around the world. Now, with the dedicated efforts of organizations like NCMF, we are seeing that same human and ecological resilience emerge in modern contexts and people. The effect of this is powerful beyond measure.

NCMF contributes to this vital process by building strong and dynamic partnerships with key stakeholders to nourish and re-awaken deep nature connection in people across all sectors of society.

The rest of my day feels different, calmer and more grounded, after taking that time to witness the everyday presence of nature.-Jennifer Brese