Our Approach

Deep nature connection has been the single most powerful tool I have found for nurturing nature-connected community and for deepening my own connection with the world
around me.-Devin Franklin

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Our Approach

NCMF’s work extends far beyond traditional environmental education.

Using tools and technologies honed through decades of practice and implementation, NCMF supports program participants to transform from self-proclaimed nature-alienated, isolated individuals into connected, empowered earth stewards.

This work, carried out in close partnership with leading public and private institutions, brings deep nature connection into communities across the United States and globally.

NCMF’s immediate focus is the launch of its ground breaking Bird Language Leaders program in collaboration with the National Audubon Society

Bird language provides a fun, simple, immediate and engaging doorway into deep nature connection and into future programs and partnerships modeled on our initial success.


© Raleigh Campbell Photography

Through the connective practice of learning bird language, conservationists, bird lovers, nature enthusiasts and people of all backgrounds and ages can discover how to truly ‘read the landscape’ around them, better comprehend their connection to and impact on all things, and grow into more committed ecological stewards.

Building on the fantastic success and feedback of its Bird Language Leaders program so far, NCMF is also busy developing further training programs based on the work of the 8 Shields Institute, such as the annual Art of Mentoring week, youth education programs and more.

NCMF’s nonprofit model will allow these programs to be made available to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

We partner with leading private institutions and networks like the National Audubon Society, and government agencies like the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Environmental Protection Agency who have recognized the enormous scope, power and potential of our work. With them, we aim to embed our work into school and civic engagement programs. Our initial efforts within the conservation community support us to develop a strong partnership model that we can apply across sectors.


I have learned deep listening, beyond the actual sounds. I listen deeply into my self and others, I have started to feel more than listen. 
I feel more authentic and it has boosted my ability to care for people in my work as a MD.-Anne Liljedal