Thanks to deep nature connection mentoring I live consciously aware of how we are all connected and how important these connections. I have slowed down and I am looking for ways to make my impact a positive one.-Anne Liljedal

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About NCMF

NCMF implements proven practices and traditions sourced from around the world to deepen the human connection to nature and foster responsible environmental behavior in service of protecting life on earth.

We partner with major institutions and networks like the National Audubon Society to advance conservation goals by deepening their constituencies’ connections to the earth.

Our sister organization, the 8 Shields Institute, is a national hub for connecting communities with appropriate and powerful nature connection technologies and mentors.

Learn more about why we do this work, our unique approach, and the powerful impact of our work over the last 30 years.

Through bird language I have learned to be humble, inquisitive, and curious. I have learned that we as people have an immediate and profound impact on the world of nature, and that nature is always communicating with us.-Jason Stuck